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Port Arthur

This tour is Port Arthur with a difference! Our first stop is at the scenic Dunalley Waterfront Cafe you can enjoy morning tea, enjoy the beautiful view and see their collection of local art and the wonderful Rising from the Ashes jewellery. Then we travel on to Federation Chocolate to try the famous and unique Apple Chocolate as well as visiting their small but interesting museum.

Once we arrive at the Port Arthur Historic site you will have approximately 2 hours to explore this amazing place.

Our next stop is at Remarkable Cave, depending on the tide and weather the cave may or may not be remarkable but the views certainly are! Then it is on to the Eagle Hawk Neck area through Doo Town where nearly every house has a name with DOO in it.

There is also some time to visit Tasman Arch, Devil's Kitchen and, depending on time and your energy level, a lovely walk to Waterfall Bay. We head home via the Pirates Bay lookout.