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Heritage Highway

We start our day at Richmond historical village (oldest bridge in Australia,

Georgian buildings)and then travel up through the Coal River Valley to Oatlands

Oatlands has the largest collection of Georgian buildings in Australia, the only working windmill, where the tour allows you to see the Miller grinding the wheat, oats etc which is used in the bakery across the road and is also available to buy.

You also have the opportunity of enjoying a woolen mill tour at Casaveen where you can purchase beautiful garments. Restoration work will soon be completed on the old jail and they will be conducting tours; some of the artifacts they found under the floorboards are fascinating and give a great glimpse into the lives of both the inmates and the custodians. Oatlands also has the oldest Supreme Court in Australia as Governor Macquarie originally intended for Oatlands to be the capital of Tasmania, this building is also open for tours.

There is quite a few interesting shops full of collectibles and antiques to explore as well as the old dry stone walls and interesting topiaries.

We travel back via Midlands Highway and detouring into small historical villages and see the silhouettes along the highway depicting various aspects of the region’s history.