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Bruny Island

We travel down to Kettering to catch the ferry over to Bruny Island with our first stop being Murrayfield Station. Murrayfield is owned by the Indigenous Land Corporation and run by resident managers.

They farm lamb and wool however Murrayfield is much more than just a sheep farm, it is a plays a vital part in Aboriginal land management, training and operates in conjunction with the Weetapoona Aboriginal Corporation.

Our next stop is to see Joe, who won the Seafood Industry Young Achiever Award in 2009, at Get Shucked Oysters who will guide us through the whole production process with lots of interesting nuggets of information, for example did you know that most oysters start out life as male and change to female? Apart from all the information you get to taste some oysters straight from the sea!

Almost next door is Bruny Island Cheese Co, owned and operated by Nick Haddow, renowned artesian cheese maker who uses traditional techniques. Don't forget to try the 1792 which is a cow's milk cheese very much in the French style; nice and smelly this one!

We then travel to the south island of Bruny for lunch at the Bruny Island Hotel,depending on time we may have a quick stop along the way to see if we can spot some Penguins! You will spoilt for choice at the hotel, everything is delicious however their seafood dishes are a specialty!

Our next stop is seasonal so we either stop at Adventure Bay to see Graham at Bruny Island Berries or we visit Bruny Island Vineyard, the most southern vineyard in Australia. Graham has grows an amazing collection of berries, traditional ones such as Strawberries and Raspberries but also unusual types such as Youngberries and Jostaberries. The land has historical and environmental significance. Graham offers some pretty delicious treats made from his own produce.

The berry farm is closed during winter and reopens late October. Our last stop is to see Michael at Bruny Island Providore and Fudge. See how their wonderful fudge and truffles are made and don't forget to pick up a bottle of their Chocolate Sauce which can be poured over, well anything really, it's that good! You may catch a glimpse of the incredible Hiba Gardens,

unfortunately on this tour we don't have time for a visit but, with prior notice we can subsidise one of the stops for a visit here. Oh and we promised you wonderful views!