In preparation of a major 'seachange' the first step was buying 3 1/2 acres in Franklin in 2008.
As a result of being made redundant in the 2009 financial crisis, long term plans were brought forward. It was a good opportunity to become a Corporate refugee and indulge in the passion of Tasmanian Food and Wine.

Herbaceous Tours is the first, but very important step in the long journey of eventually setting up a residential Cooking School, similar in nature to those operating in Italy, France and other European and Middle Eastern countries.

So far meeting all the amazing producers of such a wide range of Tassie products has been a joy and almost seems wrong to label it 'work'!

Two things stand out that all the producers have in common; one is their amazing passion not just for their own products but for all food and wine produced in Tassie and two, their willingness to tell me about other producers that I may not of heard of.

Exploring as many producers and products as possible and having them share their passion with us is what makes Herbaceous Tours very special because without their willingness to share their time and knowledge the tours would be nice but a bit 'ordinary'!
Thanks to Alice from Tourism Tasmania for her great comments on the Hobart 1 tour;
I just wanted to pass on a big thank you for kindly including me on your Hobart tour. It was a truly fantastic day out and your passion for what you do is rivalled only by the passion of those you introduced us to. Even as a local, your insightful tour took me places I'd never been and behind the scenes into the world of those who live and breathe or fantastic food and wine/beer/whiskey!
Lunch was delightful, the sausages were an absolute treat last night (I,ve converted many more now, who will never return to standard old sausages!) and I think your tour does wonders for visitors as well as producers in the south. I look forward to including you in the next Discover Tas section of the Sunday Tas and in other publications locally, nationally and even internationally.