All Good Things Come To An End

Well sadly the time has come to hang up the car keys at Herbaceous Tours. Between my ongoing battle with Hodgkin,s Lymphoma and Covid 19 it really has become apparent that it is time to call a halt on any tours.
Once the borders are open and we return to a form of normal make Tasmania the number one spot on your bucket list as there is so much to see and do here. As one guest once said "It was the experience of a lifetime".
After over 10 years there are just too many people to thank individually so can I just say a huge thank you to all the farmers , food producers and people in the tourism industry; your passion for what you do and our amazing State has been inspirational!
I shall certainly miss visiting you all but hopefully it won't mean the end of the many friendships I have made along the way.
If you are thinking of visiting Tassie I can highly recommend the following people to help you plan your holiday;
Judy Eye See Personalised Tours
Andrew Tassie Tailor Made Tours
Tasmanian Travel and Information Centre
03 62384222

Tasmanian Food and Wine Tours!

Welcome to Herbaceous Tours where you will enjoy a unique Tasmanian food and wine experience!

Do you want to enjoy a uniquely Tasmanian Food and Wine experience?
Herbaceous Tours will take you to some amazing producers where you can "Meet the Maker" of a wide variety of produce.
Obviously some places are seasonal but there is always something fascinating to see and learn about. Tasmania has a wonderful variety of food producers from organic apple orchards, saffron, olives, beef cattle, chocolate and blueberries through to smallgoods and fish to name but a few! Then apart from all the amazing food we also have cider, beer wine and whiskey. Or you can sign up for a small group experience of making your own sloe gin or cheese; so if food tourism is your passion then Herbaceous Tours should really be your first choice.

Apart from Food and Wine tours Herbaceous Tours can also provide day tours
to some of our iconic Tasmanian landmarks such as Port Arthur and all the great places to visit on the Tasman Peninsula or how about a trip to the historic Richmond village? How about a visit to one of a National Parks such as Mt Field to see the tall trees and Russell Falls?

Our tours are unique in that we visit secret places along the way so whilst many tour operators can take you to these places they dont take you off the main road to some special Herbaceous Tours secret locations!
Want to explore for a longer period and further afield? No problem as we also can provide extended tours to enable you to really see our amazing State. We work with you to find out your special interests and craft an itinerary around that to ensure you make the absolute most of your time in Tasmania, and we always add in some of our own special places that you would never find either on your own or with other tour companies.

Because we specialise in small (2 to 11 pax) personalised tours we can ensure that each tour is unique to each group of our guests as we take into consideration all that you have indicated is of interest.
We operate on the philosophy that is your holiday so you choose how it unfolds and provided it is doable in terms of time and distance you get the holiday you want!
So we have our set itinerary that we have crafted together and along the way you see something you really want to explore but it's not on the itinerary? Generally it's not a problem, as we provide personalised day and extended tours we can be as flexible as you want, just provided we end each day where we are supposed to be in terms of pre booked accommodation the rest can unfold as you want it to!
Just a couple of notes of caution....Tassie is much bigger than people think and we dont have a heap of big highways so time and distance has to be considered.
Whilst we can take you to iconic tourist destinations any day we are free we cannot provide the same flexibility with our behind the scenes food and wine tours. We have enormous respect for our farmers and food producers and personal and business relationships with them but we recognise that they are not actually in the tourism business
so all of these types of tours must be well planned in advance as they don't spend their days
waiting at the farm gate for our visits. So PLEASE do not expect just to rock up and ask for one of these special tours the next day, you need to contact us at least a month before so we can coordinate your visit and ensure you have the very best experience meeting our wonderful producers.

So have a look at our web site and visit us on facebook to learn more and see some great photos and hear some top stories. Also please feel free to read the reviews on Trip Adviser to see what past guests have to say about us.

You also get to see some spectacular Tasmanian scenery, learn some local history and taste amazing food.

Many of our guests have commented that It is like travelling with a friend. So if you want to experience warm hospitality, wonderful food, and spectacular scenery then book one of our amazing tours. We offer superior customer service as well as help in planning either a day tour or a longer extended tour over a number of days. You can trust us to listen to your requirements to ensure you have a wonderful experience visiting our beautiful state, Tasmania!

Herbaceous Tours caters for all who are passionate about Food and Wine, specifically the wonderful abundance of it in Tasmania. Do you want to know its sources, how it is cultivated or produced? Then an Herbaceous Tour is for you!
Our tours are very special, as they take you "through" the Farm gate and allow you to Meet the Makers, a diverse group of Farmers, Providores, and Producers of a wide variety of Tasmanian Food and Wine products.
Most of the facilities we will be visiting on Herbaceous Tours are working farms and producers who do not normally cater for tourists. This ensures that each participant of an Herbaceous Tour is sure to enjoy a genuinely unique experience of Tasmania. Not only will you enjoy some wonderful samples of Tasmanian Food and Wine on many of our tours you will also see some of the most spectacular scenery in the world! Please remember that tour destinations may change without notice; this is due to the fact that things 'happen' on farms and with food producers which may mean they have to suddenly cancel our visit.
For your safety you are required to wear flat, enclosed shoes.
Many of our tours involve negotiating rough terrain so are not suitable for children or people with limited mobility.

Food Tourism Story-7.30 Report

We are very excited to have been included in a story about food tourism in Tasmania, produced by the 7.30 Report team. The filming took all day with a terrific team from the ABC who made it great fun. You can watch the story here.

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