Don’t Judge a “Book” by its Cover

Published on: 2014-04-03

Recently I had some more guests from Texas and they wanted to know some places to eat so I gave them my usual recommendations based on the type of food they liked. The second morning of touring I asked where they had ended up for a meal and was stunned by the reply and ensuing story. They were pretty jet lagged on the first day and then even more tired after the day of touring so decided they would just go down the road near their hotel. They ended up in the Shamrock Hotel in Liverpool Street. I admit to never having been there but was delighted with their experience at an inner city pub.

Apparently it was pretty full and they stood at the door wondering what the go was, where to order, what to order etc. A young man was sitting at a table eating his meal but hopped up and approached them, took them over to two spare seats at a table for 4, asked the people sitting there if my guests could use the two spare seats and then took their order for drinks. He then returned with their drinks, took their order for dinner and took it to the kitchen, returned to his table and continued to eat his dinner. When the kitchen bell rang he went and collected their meal and delivered it to their table.

In the mean time my guests were having a grand old time chatting to the people they were sharing their table with. One of my guests had ordered a steak and he said it was the best steak he had had anywhere in the world! What the young man who provided such a wonderful experience probably doesn\'t realise is that that story will travel all over Australia (my guests were visiting 3 other States) and then in the US when they return home. Money can’t buy that kind of ‘marketing’ but will certainly encourage people to come to Tassie.

So hats off to you young man, whoever you are, a really fantastic Tasmanian Ambassador! During the winter months I try and do some research of farms and food producers to add to the Herbaceous ‘family’; now I have decided to go on a mission to check out city pubs and see what treasures are hiding in plain sight. Looking for any Tasmanians who would like to join the search!