Diamond Princess Tour

Published on: 2014-02-10

My guests from Italy finally arrived on the Diamond Princess, why finally? Well we have been emailing for 5 months so I was looking forward to actually meeting them!

They were not interested in doing a food or wine tour nor were they interested in iconic tourism to places such as Port Arthur, rather they wanted to just experience as much versatility of the countryside of Tasmania as possible in the short time they were here. So we traveled over the bridge to a great lookout at Lindisfarne with views of the water, bridge, yacht club and their ship and they also got to experience suburbia. Next we took the back road to join the highway to Richmond. Part of this road is dirt and passes through some bush and then it was up to Mt Rumny which is situated in a State Forest. We then traveled through the beautiful Coal River Valley, through vineyards, fruit trees, rolling hills, cattle and sheep. Much research had been done prior to their trip and they had a list of specialty shops they wanted to visit in Richmond so took a little time to visit them as well a viewing the famous bridge.

We then took the back road through to Sorell, and, as their list included a ‘small’ beach, we spent some time at Lewisham which also included a picnic. I surprised them with Lamingtons for desert which went down very well.

Next on their list was Battery Point so we travelled back to Hobart but kept going for a small surprise of a visit to Mt Nelson which received a lot of smiles. Then it was on to Battery Point with all its beautiful old buildings, small workers cottages to large mansions were all photographed during their walking tour of this well loved part of Hobart. There was just enough time to have a quick drive through the city which then brought out comments about how hilly Hobart was. Well what else could be done but a trip up and down a couple of streets which are almost straight up? Much laughter and heaps of photos through the windscreen really justified my decision to take those extra few minutes. It was a great tour and made me realise (again) how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful state. I was delighted to receive a lovely gift they had brought with them, a very pretty apron embossed with the designs of the ceramics made in their area of Italy.