Bucks Week Day 2

Published on: 2014-02-06

Day two saw us travelling up to Mt Nelson

before heading to Cascade Brewery for their great tour, along with one very special guest who was celebrating his 90th Birthday and had actually worked at Cascade in the fruit juice section.

After some great samples it was time for lunch down at Salamanca where there is always a great choice no matter what you fancy. After lunch we headed out to Frogmore Creek to sample their great range.

Then it was onto Puddleduck, what a great place this is; great wine, great stories from Darren along with cheese plates and samples of their apricots and greengages!

Then back to town to learn all about the whiskey business at Lark and of course to sample some of their amazing range of gin, vodka and of course whiskey!

It was then time to head back to the Big Four for the lads to get changed into their cricket Bucks gear, Tux T Shirts

and to surprise the groom with an outfit he had not expected.....a wedding dress!

They had let me into the secret so whilst they were enjoying their time at Lark I ducked up to town and purchased a bridal garter, after all no “bride” should be without one.

Dropping them off at Blunstone Arena for the 20/20 match caused quite a few looks and cheers and they appeared on TV a number of times during the match so I think a good time was had by all!