Bucks Week Day 1

Published on: 2014-02-05

With 12 guys from Central Qld on a Bucks week and two days of touring with Herbaceous I needed to enlist help with transport from Rosie at Island Time Tours. Day 1 was all about food so our first stop was at Boks Bacon which was a good thing as the guys were in dire need of sustenance!

After learning all about how Boks produces its wonderful bacon, ham and sausages the grilled bacon samples went down a treat and their shopping spree meant they wouldn\'t miss out on breakfast for the rest of their stay!

Then it was off to Mures Fishing to learn about sustainable fishing, and their fully integrated operations. As well as fresh fish Mures also produces a lovely range of “value” add products, all hand crafted. The knife skills of the staff are amazing to watch wether it is filleting fish or slicing the smoked trout or salmon, they are real experts.

The guys’ recovery process continued with a great tasting plate of some of Mures products. Our next stop was Valhalla Ice Cream; they use full cream which is why it is such a great product as well as all the incredible flavors available such as Lavender and Devil’s Chilli Chocolate. Our lunch stop was at the always terrific Elizabeth Street Food + Wine where I am sure Karen and her team use a touch of magic to turn fantastic Tasmanian produce into sensational dishes. After lunch Rosie, and her great bus (named Izzy) took us out to Wicked Cheese for a taste of their wonderful cheeses, the guys were particularly impressed with the Whiskey Cheddar but my personal favorite are the two Blues.

We then traveled on to Barilla Bay Oysters for a quick lesson on oyster farming and of course a taste! Our final stop saw us at Tasmanian Live Abalone and as most of the guys had never seen abalone let alone taste it, it proved to be an interesting stop.

Whilst that was the end of the tour Rosie and I realised that these guys had no supplies (food or alcohol!) and no form of transport, (other than us and the supplies they picked up on tour) we took a detour before dropping them back to the local supermarket and bottle shop so at least we knew they would have breakfast before the next tour!